Our newest CD LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM is here. If you thought our radio show sounded good, wait till you hear this. We went back to the multi-track recording and remixed the album, getting the balances just right, making everything shiny and sparkling. The result is unquestionably the best the BESO has ever sounded on "wax", capturing the live energy and drive of the band in front of an enthusiastic audience at this historic venue. Highlights among the 16 tracks include our now-famous version of "One Girl and Two Boys", "Traffic Jam", "Swingin' Stars and Stripes", "Taint What You Do", "Swingin' On Nothin'", Indigo Swing's "Regular Joe", and our first-ever Christmas track, a swingin' version of "Jingle Bells"! On top of that, the CD includes scorching live versions of old favorites like "The Best Things", "Struttin' With Kate", and "Mildred" that top our original recordings. Our official release party was - natch - at the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday Oct. 28, 2000!

Swingin' The Century

Our third CD SWINGIN' THE CENTURY has been spun with great enthusiasm by DJs and dance teachers in LA, SF, NY, and DC! The band recorded at famed Capitol Studios A and B in Hollywood, using a combination of vintage microphones and modern technology to create a distinctive sound that fits Elliottís retro-style arrangements. As on the second record, the vocal quartet BILLíS LUCKY STARS is featured prominently, and lead singer Cassie Miller steps out on three solos as well. Its 15 tracks include ten of Bill Elliottís brand-new original songs as well as five classic tunes from the first swing era. Songs include "Swingin' the Century," "Oh Lady Be Good," "Blues in the Night,"Camp Hollywood Special," and "The Shim Sham Song."



                All Jitterbugs!The followup to our celebrated debut recording contains 14 great tracks, including 13 of Bill's amazing originals plus a re-creation of the 1944 hit "ON THE ATCHISON, TOPEKA, AND THE SANTA FE". The new disc features a wide range of styles and dancer-friendly tempos, and includes several tracks that have appeared in Hollywood films such as "INDEPENDENCE DAY", "NIXON", and "CATS DON'T DANCE". Vocals are by the Lucky Stars, Amy Weston, and special guests. The recording sessions were mainly at the famed Capitol Records Studio B in Hollywood, and the vivid sound quality captures the world's best swing band in all its glory. SWING TIME MAGAZINE said "Bill's done it again ... and better! Producing, writing and arranging a fresh batch of fourteen tunes ... demands the response of all who crave not just a big band, but a grand band!" (Awarded 'Five Martinis' - Swing Time's highest rating!) For lots more information on the album, who's on it, and how it was made, see "Jitterbug Notes".


"SWING FEVER" - Our First Album

The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra's first CD SWING FEVER features 14 tunes and includes 10 of Bill's originals including "PEP, VIM, & VERVE" from "DICK TRACY" and "ALASKAN NIGHTS" from "NORTHERN EXPOSURE". Here's what SWING TIME MAGAZINE had to say about this album: "As if in answer to the desperate pleas and prayers of big band fans everywhere (this means you) arrives this truly desirable gem ... Fourteen tracks of perfectly constructed swing tunes with catchy melodies and truly entertaining vocals and - what? - TEN OF THEM ARE ORIGINALS! Everything about SWING FEVER works, from the live-in-the-studio (actually the Mayfair Theater in Santa Monica) recording techniques of yore to the contemporary-seeming take on old standard styles. Timeless." (Awarded 'Five Martinis' - Swing Time's highest rating!)


The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra

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