Listening to swing music across the Internet with RealAudio®, with its less-than-CD quality, almost lends an air of greater authenticity: as though you were listening to a 1936 Zenith radio. RealAudio requires a current browser (MSIE or Netscape). If you don't have the latest version of RealAudio (5.0+), we urge you to download it for your browser. The following selections require the NEW RealAudio plug-ins. So, here now for your listening pleasure, in authentic narrow bandwidth mono:

MILDRED, WON'T YOU BEHAVE RealAudio selection
from the band's newly released CD "CALLING ALL JITTERBUGS!"
(:40 sample)

THE GUY I MET THIS EVENING RealAudio selection
(1:06 sample)

SHIMSHAM RealAudio selection
(:56 sample)

STRUTTIN' WITH KATE RealAudio selection
from the first CD, "SWING FEVER"!
(:41 sample)

SWING TIME Magazine said about CALLING ALL JITTERBUGS "Five more martinis (their highest rating) are on the way!" and they called "SWING FEVER" "..a truly desirable gem..."! Both CDs are 'must haves' for swing music fans and great dance albums, recorded in brilliant '90s stereo! They're available now; directly from us, online or by toll-free number,


Here's a sample of Bill's lyrics for I WANNA TALK ABOUT LOVE, from the SWING FEVER CD:

We could talk about the latest news
The Middle East has blown another fuse
But lookin' in your baby blues
I wanna talk about love

We could grouse about the status quo
Or call our president a so-and-so
But when the lights are turned down low
I wanna talk about love

I'm all for following world affairs
But in the right time and place
Those politicians and billionaires
Can't hold a candle to your shining face

We could talk about the smoggy air
The infrastructure left in disrepair
But with the moonlight in your hair
I wanna talk about love.

©Bill Elliott, 1995.

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