The Band

The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra is a swing band for today, with its own distinctive songs and sound - light-hearted, energetic, witty, romantic feel good music - made by six brass, five reeds, four rhythm and four singers, all playing and singing their hearts out. Eighteen cats and one lovely canary, breathing and feeling the rhythm as one - it's wild!

This is the Los Angeles-based outfit that has filled the Hollywood Palladium, the Satin Ballroom, the Avalon Casino, and the Coconut Club with MORE DANCERS, MORE OFTEN than any other band!

The band that recorded the soundtrack to INTRODUCING DOROTHY DANDRIDGE, appeared on THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN and the Disney TV movie TOWER OF TERROR, and whose songs have been used in dozens of Hollywood films including CONTACT, INDEPENDENCE DAY, CATS DON'T DANCE, and DICK TRACY!


The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra

Bill with the singers



For further information on the Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra, including ordering CDs directly from Bill, e-mail or call 310-804-4346

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